Lovato – Electronic LPG Kit

Lovato - Electronic LPG Kit

Lovato - Electronic LPG Kit

Economic Fuel operate a professional and cost effective installation service to enable automobiles to run on LPG. With morethan 10 years of experience in the LPG industry, all LPG installations are carried out in our modern workshop.

LPG installation to automobiles is a growing industry with our company rapidly growing and playing an important part in it.

LP Gas is safe and environmentally friendly
Combustion of LPG results in less, and in some cases, none, of the following harmful emissions

LPG also reduces greenhouse gas emissions
On average, using LPG instead of petrol gives a 15% reduction in carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas). Because it uses a sealed system, LPG also reduces evaporative emissions of hydrocarbons to virtually zero – not only from the vehicle’s cylinder but also during re-fuelling, transport and handling of the fuel